Monday, October 11, 2010

"Meditative Oasis": 108 Underhill Avenue

First listed back in the Spring of 2008 for $1.5M before the crash, 108 Underhill Avenue has now reappeared this Fall for $1.195M and just recently dropped to $1.145M. With all kinds of closings going down in the past month, including 124 Underhill Avenue going for above asking price at $1.4M, we imagine this price has to be close. This 20' brick building (still unattached?) is being pitched as a "meditative oasis" with such features as a "Zen style multi level garden". You gotta love Corcoran. I mean, really. Between the quality photos they take, the layouts they provide, the actual write-ups they do, and the marketing angle they take sometimes, they go that extra mile to really pitch a place. Sure, this building's got 1BR rentals and a quirky, trapezoidal kind of shape to it. But we also see nice interiors, nice floors, exposed brick, decorative fireplaces, and a straightforward, turn-key building.

Throw in how much we love this neighborhood as more than just "the poor man's Park Slope", and we see this place only hanging out for a little while longer.

Pro's: interior, price, turn-key, neighborhood, yard

Con's: attached?, floor plate shape, 1BR rentals, bit of a hike to the train, curb appeal's a toss-up

Ideally: Offer $999K and work your way towards the middle.

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  1. Wow. This managed to sell for $1.145M on 12/31/10.