Monday, January 14, 2013

Open House in Crown Heights: 1332 Lincoln Place

Multiple reports came in yesterday of long lines outside Corcoran open houses in Brooklyn in the cold for fixer-uppers well over a million.  Eek!  So much for "the spring buying season".  This Sunday, there's an open house for this nice little play at 1332 Lincoln Place, listed under $500K.  Local broker Celeste Moses knows her stuff and has brought us incredible underground leads, such as 583 Lincoln Place.  Now she's got an open house from 1:30pm - 2:30pm on this affordable play in east Crown Heights that's around the corner from 3/4/5 trains.  This small 2-Family is probably best used as a 1, but the price makes that do-able for even the multi-family purchasers.

We get just a sneak peak inside to see nice floors and moldings...

But with an open house, it's easy to come check out the rest!  Especially in a climate with 1148 Sterling Place reportedly with cash offers, this is where you've gotta go for affordability these days.

Pro's:  a house with details and a yard for under $500K, around the corner from great transportation

Con's:  small, pretty deep in Crown Heights, how much TLC is needed?

Ideally:  a great look at a bite more people can chew

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