Friday, March 1, 2013

The $700K Condo Game in Prime Fort Greene: 69-71 South Oxford Street

We saw how the $700K condo game looks in the best parts of Brooklyn creeping east towards Crown Heights.  Now let's see what $700K gets you in prime Fort Greene.  69-71 South Oxford Street is a huge building with a great look to it in about as sweet a Fort Greene location as you could hope for.  But don't expect a neat, clean finished product with recent finishes like this for under $600K anymore...

No, nowadays for $700K you're looking at a sweet 1,000+ sqft. duplex shell of condo that needs to be all finished out...

The same killer arched windows, but this place needs some touching up.

Oh, and did we mention?  It's in contract above asking price.  All those folks looking for townhomes in the $700K range with Fort Greene still unrealistically sitting on their short-list of desired neighb's, maybe seeing that fixer-upper condos go for more than that now will demonstrate where this market's really at.

Pro's:  location, curb appeal, price point, great arched windows, duplex, 1,000+ sqft condo canvas

Con's:  needs a bunch of work, gone already above ask

Ideally:  to us this looks like a sweet project for the right buyer

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