Monday, December 2, 2013

The Directory: Another Mortgage Lender

New to the Directory section of the blog, it's another mortgage lender, our main man John Prom of Real Estate Mortgage Newtork, Inc.   Prom has been with us from the jump helping first time homebuyers get Good Faith Estimates (GFE's) to size up all the costs of a deal before they even put a bid in.  He's helped Platinum Members finance condos and multi-family properties, both conventional and FHA loans.  Even through 4 appraisals it took to do an FHA deal at $725K on a Platinum Member gem like 894 Sterling Place, Prom stuck in there and held the deal together.  Now that building's boarded up cousin on the same block is set to hit the market soon for $1M, just a year later.

John Prom's stuck with us through thick & thin, in good markets and bad.  So we're happy to welcome him to the Directory.  Rub the eagle outside his office on your way in for good luck...

Then sit back and let Prom break down your lending options for you.  Whether you need a pre-approval to get into the market, a loan once you're in contract, or a refi on something you've already purchase, Prom's got ya covered.

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