Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Listings: Crown Heights 3BR Rental - 1037 Carroll Street, #2

New to the Listings section of the blog, it's a 3BR rental in Crown Heights for $3,300/month.  1037 Carroll Street, #2 is worth a look for the 3BR rental crowd in our book.  Now many of you may balk at $1,000+/BR heading this far east, but when's the last time you were out in the field looking for a nice rental??  The exterior of the house may look a little Queens to you, but what it lacks in brownstone exterior, it more than makes up for in size and amenities.  We're talking about the 2nd floor of a 20' x 62' house on an extra-extra deep 152' lot.  You even get your own front deck!

With parquet floors in great shape, "FREE shared laundry in the basement", a dishwasher in the modern-enough kitchen...

This makes a great 3BR starter pad or long-term stay for all kinds of folks who wanna be on the quiet side of Crown Heights, but still in striking distance of the park, the hub of Crown Heights, and all the "better" neighborhoods of Brooklyn.  The bath is spacious and clean...

The building is unattached on one side, allowing for side windows and lots of light.  If the french doors don't get ya, the walk-in closet might!

We might've staged this bad-boy a touch better if we were charging $3,300/month and making a nice portion of that on the rental, but who are we to judge?  If it works as a legit 3BR for you, there are lots of perks to enjoy, and it's a pretty decent value proposition for 2 or 3 roomies.  Anytime you can say "four blocks from Franklin" - you've got people's attention these days!

Pro's:  legit 3BR rental, lots of original details plus upgrades, dishwasher, free washer/dryer, private deck, access to huge yard is implied, lots of light, walk-in closet, relative value, great trains nearby

Con's:  not your typical brownstone, not staged incredibly, not necessarily cheap

Ideally:  people pay as much as $1,500/BR not far from here for glass box apartment rentals.  This certainly makes a nice alternative to that for many tenants.

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