Thursday, April 17, 2014

Listings: Stuy Heights Single-Family - 952 Greene Avenue

New to the Listings section of the blog, it's a single-family brownstone with original details and modern updates asking $999K.  Tales of the death of the Brooklyn brownstone for a million are premature.  952 Greene Avenue is north east Bed-Stuy, towards Bushwick, but it's a nice respite from the $2M+ bidding wars of prime west Bed-Stuy's 22 Arlington Place and 196 Hancock Street.  With an open house coming up Saturday, April 26th from 1pm - 3pm, it's easy to check out what a million gets you in Bed-Stuy at 952 Greene Avenue.  Some people act like they might as well live in Poughkeepsie if they're going to live "this far into Bed-Stuy", but with what's happening on the other side of Broadway and Bushwick Avenue for frame houses with generic gut renos, a 19' x 45' four-story with some nice features inside could be a great alternative.

Not all of it's amazing or up to everyone's taste, but this house is ready to go...

This isn't the quintessential multi-family that most people in the price range are aching for.  Condo alternative, perhaps?  Yard, square footage, and make a few personal touches on the interior?  Only time will tell...

Pro's:  four-story turnkey brownstone with details and upgrades, asking under a million, could be another affordable Bed-Stuy / Bushwick tweener

Con's:  single family isn't pumping the rental income like the multi-family, not the most stunning modern taste, northeast location

Ideally:  the million dollar Brooklyn brownstone isn't dead, it's just not where it used to be

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