Monday, August 18, 2014

Fort Greene 1BR Rental: 153 Dekalb Avenue

In the heart of Fort Greene, it's a 1BR rental that's all renovated and priced competitively with even Crown Heights rentals these days.  In a brownstone across the street from Fort Greene Park, it doesn't get more prime location than this.

We saw a janky 2BR around the corner from here that was getting $3,600/month without even listing.  But this place cleans up much nicer than that.  Kitchen was done in the past 2 years...

Ok, so maybe the bath isn't as styling as the kitchen...

But did we mention it overlooks the park?

This is a nice slice of Fort Greene brownstone at a price many Williamsburg studios could only dream of.  For those want that brownstone feel, these blocks have it...

Pro's:  upgraded 1BR in prime Fort Greene at a relatively great price, nice layout, access to the park, trains & amenities

Con's:  bath isn't as snazzy as the kitchen, no great pic of the bedroom in the listing

Ideally:  we've seen bidding wars first hand in Crown Heights over this price, so top tenants will take this down

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