Thursday, November 6, 2014

Mansion in Contract in Crown Heights: 669 St. Marks Avenue

Wow, it doesn't get much more special than this as over-sized townhomes go.  After months of push & pull, Platinum Members finally locked down this unique Queen Anne style mansion from 1888 that our main man Morgan Munsey says was designed by architect E.G.W. Dietrick.  669 St. Marks Avenue won't be found on your StreetEasy or your NYTimes.  This Crown Heights gem was a Platinum Member exclusive.  What makes this house so special, besides its front porch and ionic columns?  Well, it's a monster 30-feet wide.  It's got a driveway and windows on the unattached side...

On an extra-deep 127' lot, the driveway leads back to a two-story carriage house turned garage...

Some of the interior is old-school grandeur.  Some of it has been updated to generic-but-serviceable condition, but the proportions are still grand...

What's the move on something like this?  If some of it's already blown-out modern, do you just go all the way 743 Dean Street with it??

Some people are talking condos, some say a roof deck over a studio over a garage in the carriage house, some say a massive 1 or 2-Family.  The possibilities are endless.  We already saw 27' wide rowhouse go in contract across the street with an asking price of $2.95M at 672 St. Marks Avenue.  We saw Platinum Members blow it out across the street at 660 St. Marks Avenue with a nice blend of materials and old & modern looks.  We're looking forward to putting some of Brooklyn's Finest on the case for restoration & reno on 669 St. Marks Avenue.

Pro's:  huge, unique size & proportions, not your typical rowhouse, driveway with carriage house, great block with a variety of nice architecture, ballin' like Brooklyn Heights at Crown Heights prices

Con's:  gone already, tough to tackle, wasn't cheap, lots of work to be done

Ideally:  an historic Crown Heights castle with the potential for an epic project in the making

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