Sunday, February 8, 2015

Fort Greene Gem in Contract Before Hitting the Market: 295 Cumberland Street

On Platinum Member radar since before Thanksgiving, and on StreetEasy one month later just for good measure, 295 Cumberland Street was in contract before it even hit "the internets".  This New Orleans-esque frame house with a porch on the parlor is some prime time Fort Greene late 1800's goodness, full of original details in great shape.  Certainly a fixer-upper, and certainly commanding over $2M in this market... but what isn't these days?

In a cute row of them...

Homes on the same block have sold for more than this $2.4M asking price, including 294 Cumberland across the street for $3.15M last year and 289 Cumberland for $2.675M last year.  Dozens of people who might've bid this house up never even got a chance to before a deal between buyers and seller was struck.

And the spin-off listing to this sale is the buyers are listing their co-op unit around the corner, in a brownstone, with private access to the backyard. 154 Lafayette Avenue, #1 is asking $1.295M and has an open house this afternoon...

And it wouldn't be the first apartment with a backyard we've seen trade over $1.2M over here.

Pro's:  historic frame house with original details, in line with market price, not bid up by the masses, prime time Fort Greene, in surprisingly good condition, unique look with porch & columns

Con's:  work to be done, facade needs help, not everyone's feeling the frame houses, gone already, only 35' deep, single-family status

Ideally:  if a deal's done during the holidays in the dead of winter before it even hits StreetEasy, does it make a sound??   (Yes!!)

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