Thursday, May 14, 2015

Closings of Note: Tell It Like It Is

It's still not a game out in here in Brooklyn as prices continue to go to higher heights.  But don't take our word for it.  Let's sit back & relax, and let the market "tell it like it is."  With $2M being surpassed for the finest 4-stories from West Bed-Stuy to Stuyvesant Heights, brace yourself for a deceptively 4-story 17' wider with a $1.9M handle on it like 340 Putnam Avenue.  Closed in March.  Manhattan buyer, for the win!  No wonder off-market bids came in at $2M for a 20' wider around the corner a few weeks ago.

With ~$2M townhomes becoming more than just the outlier in Bed-Stuy, no wonder mortgageable Clinton Hill homes, no matter how generic, can shoot over asking price.  422 Grand Avenue closed in March for $2.5M with 50% down to buyers from Boerum Hill.

Available on first, this nifty renovated 3-story at 73 Chauncey Street closed for $1.495M to a buyer from Manhattan in March.

As seen first on last summer, 99 Kane Street was a great 5-story 2-Family house on the edge of Carroll Gardens with amazing views of the harbor.  It wanted just over $3M, and came down a little after listing publicly.  It closed for $2.8M last month to buyers from Brooklyn Heights

As seen only on, 658 Dean Street in Prospect Heights sold for $1.83M last month after their latest price drop to $1.9M in February.  Not a bad look for a turnkey place with a nice yard in a neighborhood that's been neck & neck with Park Slope for a while.

71 Bleecker Street in Bushwick got the green light from our main Bushwick expert.  Platinum Members pushed an accepted offer & contract at $870K to the brink and got scooped the next week by a much higher offer.  This neat little 2-Family closed last week for $970K.

BoCoCa's 465 Warren Street closed for $400K in March (with some additional costs you won't find as easily) and now will gladly sell to you for $2.3M with an open house this Friday.  Probably goes for even less without a big broker on the scene.  We've got an even more diesel place coming to market soon in South Slope around this price with no big broker on the scene.

373 5th Street in Park Slope was a no-brainer even with issues and requiring a cash buyer.  It closed in March for $1.525M.  Now that same price is coming in even further down in South Slope on an off-market cash deal.

292 16th Street in South Slope ('cause who wants to really call it Greenwood already if they don't have to?) even this small frame house only 25' deep closes for $1.225M in March.  Over $750/sqft for a house that'll probably undergo everything to max it out.  Today we're checking out a new project nearby coming soon to that wants as much as $2.35M for a totally renovated finished product.

Speaking of $1.2M in Park Slope...  on asking $1.25M months before it hit the open market with a big broker, the North Slope 2/2 condo at 392 Bergen Street, #2 sold for $1.36M last month.  And on the BoCoCa side, another Bergen Street 2/2 condo closed for $1.45M to buyers from Manhattan.

This frame house in Lefferts on a huge lot at 194 Hawthorne Street closed for $1.4M in March.  16 residential units is what's next.

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