Saturday, May 7, 2011

Estate Sale needs TLC: 807 Dean Street

It's an estate sale. It needs TLC. And that's pretty much all they'll tell you about 807 Dean Street. They didn't even take the time to take a new exterior picture, just grabbing the Property Shark photo. This 2-Family listed at $550K got our attention. As cute joints pop up all over Prospect Heights to eat and drink, and rental/sales prices send people and development further east, a play like this one or 936 Pacific start to seem not that bad. And they make something like 468 Carlton really start to shine.

This price point grabs us, and then we wonder how much it would take to get things going inside. Not that wide, not that big of a floorplate, and not that great of curb appeal, but is there value in outer Prospect Heights at Bed-Stuy prices (even if you're walking across Atlantic into Clinton Hill for your train)?

Pro's: price, potential value, delivered vacant?

Con's: needs work, off the beaten path,

Ideally: if the work needed is affordable, or can be financed, there might good value here.

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