Sunday, January 2, 2011

Open House Today: 936 Pacific Street

Today's pick is 936 Pacific Street, which just so happens to have an open house from 12-3pm this afternoon. This 3-Family is priced very reasonably, but also sits on a pretty desolate block, so deep and off the beaten path in Prospect Heights that the closest train is actually across bustling Atlantic Avenue in Clinton Hill. With 2BR rentals on the top two floors, exposed brick & fireplace, a nice-looking interior (from what pics we do get) and mention of lots of renovations, there's definitely something here worth looking at if the hike to the train and amenities isn't a deal-breaker.

We even think the gnarly yard is workable:

All in all, a legit listing for a legit place it looks like they legit want to sell. Compare to 468 Carlton, on the other side of Atlantic.

Pro's: price, interior condition, backyard, 2BR rentals on 2/3 floors

Con's: way off the beaten path, not the prettiest or most lively block, curb appeal is a toss-up

Ideally: stroll by today or perhaps next week if there's another open house. If you haven't found a deal-breaker yet, it's probably worth a look inside.

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