Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Recent Closings Of Interest: Bullish

A few pretty hefty sales of nice places just came in:

287 DeKalb Avenue, our all-time most viewed post, started at $2.25M last August, came down to $1.995M in February, and just closed for $1.8M.

116 Willoughby Avenue, a fancy 2-Family, closed just $10K under list price at $1.585M.

121 Vanderbilt, another quality 2-Family, listed for $1.499M and just closed for $1.425M.

491 4th Street, a Park Slope shell for sale by owner, closed for $1.6M after wiggling around that price.

The market's really turned...


  1. I just started looking. I can't believe I missed 287 Dekalb. The interior photos... I'm speechless.

  2. Park Slop, let us help you find a place. 287 Dekalb was on our radar since January, and there was obviously room to move below its list price then. E-mail us...