Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Brand New in Fort Greene: 121 Vanderbilt Avenue

121 Vanderbilt Avenue is a fresh new listing in Fort Greene. Billed as "Bohemian Chic", this 2-Family comes turn-key with some nifty details and a pretty maximized lay-out for $1.499M.

We don't toot Corcoran's horn just for the sake of it, but they sure do put out a polished product. They give you pictures, a layout, a write-up, an open house. It's as if they actually wanted to sell these houses - which is more than we can say for most of the other guys. You can always count on their agents to actually service their listings too.

Note that while we love Fort Greene, this location is off the beaten path on the north side of Myrtle. While Myrtle has lots of offer, you're closer to the Brooklyn Navy yard than you are to a train that'll take you to the city. People have paid more for worse outposts, though. 137 Adelphi really should be ashamed of itself.

The 2-Family game is an odd market anyways. There's everything from 397 Grand that barely deserves the 20% downpayment it'd take, to 215 Gates which could be acquired with 5% down. 121 Vanderbilt is cheaper, not as well located, but almost just as modern/hokie as 70 2nd Street. Over-priced in our book, but they're sure taking a stab at it.

Pro's: curb appeal?, terraces, back yard, laundry rooms, maximized layout, nifty details all over

Con's: well off the beaten path, 35' deep, pricey, 2-Family status holds it back a bit

Ideally: Corcoran gives this place the best shot it's gonna get.


  1. After a price-drop in April, this property went into contract in May: