Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fort Greene Steal: 111 St. Felix Street

A long-time reader sent this in to us, and from what we can tell it's a total steal. You will be thanking her later...

111 St. Felix Street is a 2-Family on a nice, quiet block tucked in the shadows of Hanson Place. This is about as good of a place as you're going to find for $1.075M within 10-20 blocks of here. Even fancy condos are jealous of this $400/sqft gem! Let the bidding war begin...

After the open house next Tuesday, September 13th, this will be pretty much locked up.

Pro's: abound

Con's: we defy you to name one

Ideally: get your offer ready, this will go above asking price


  1. The rooms are really tiny and the recent renovation has removed any period details this building had. Not a find.

  2. There's a lot of hype around this property as demonstrated by the turnout last night. The very average renovation with no original details is definitely a con - as is it's proximity to the new Nets stadium.

  3. Agree. Its got small rooms and low ceilings. Its in a great location but is going to be very close to the Arena next year.

  4. They had a ton of people at the open house last night. Location is great with subway access to every part of the city. House is just too small for me.

  5. Quickly in contract on 10/12/11: