Thursday, September 15, 2011

Open House This Sunday: 14 St. James Place

We don't usually cover single family homes, but there's some sleek, modern renovation going on in 14 St. James Place. This 14' wide 1-Family brownstone is truly spiffed out. There's plenty to show off at the open house this Sunday from 1:30pm - 3pm from the "wall-to-wall Calcutta marble steam room" to the "beyond sexy garden with a built-in barbecue grill, hot tub and stunning waterfall".

Conspicuous in its absence is any photo of the exterior on the Corcoran listing. There are lots of positives to accentuate, but the 14' width can't be ignored. We can't help but think how much further this amazing renovation would go on a 20' wide building.

What do we think of the current list price of $1.759M? If we had this kind of money, we'd much rather have 287 Dekalb Avenue, that closed around the corner for $1.8M. We'd also would have rather gone with 536 Court Street for $1.69M for a killer renovation.

You've seen us cover places up & down Saint James Place. As we saw on the same block with 26 St. James Place, there's tall housing towering over you across the street.

Compare it to close neighbors that fetched high prices with great renovations too, like 116 Willoughby. Someone will love this renovation and want to pay a premium for it. We hope the whole is greater than the sum of the parts for the owner and they see the value back for their amazing renovation. What's the angle, though? Maybe this is a nice condo alternative to someone who can handle $735/sqft?

Pro's: top-notch renovation, backyard space, right by Pratt

Con's: 14' wide, not the most residential block, a hike to the C train

Ideally: it's a matter of taste, but we'd probably go for something else at this price

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