Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bed-Stuy's Back: 324 Stuyvesant Avenue

After a little lull during the post-crash dip in real estate prices from Fall 2008 to Fall 2010, Bed-Stuy is officially back. With everything decent from Carroll Gardens to Park Slope bubbling up to $2M, and $1.5M becoming the new range even in Clinton Hill, the push east is inevitable. And we're getting swept along by the wave. Block after block of good housing stock for 1/2 or 1/3 of the price seen just a couple of miles west. 324 Stuyvesant Avenue didn't last long at $625K with so-so photography of a few interior details...

... and only one full room shot:

Where else can you find 3,400+ sqft of bay windows, stone front, 3-Family goodness for barely the cost of a nice 2BR condo? The next door neighbor 322 Stuyvesant Avenue just sold for $490K on 10/21/11! With the pace of pricing in established areas, the push east could be rapid, especially within the FHA loan limits.

Pro's: curb appeal, lovely block, original details, price point

Con's: multiple offers in already, needs renovation, are you ready for deep Bed-Stuy?

Ideally: luckily there are some great buys left on this very same avenue...


  1. I was in this house and the one next door way back in the spring. Almost no backyard which was the deal killer for me. Big houses though on the fringe of Stuy Heights

  2. I have a ton of pics if you are interested