Thursday, December 15, 2011

Open Listing Single Family in the Slope: 429 11th Street

With the flurry of high closings in Park Slope these days, it's almost a little surprising that as recently as this April and this August, you could slide into a great barrel front multi-family on 11th Street for $1.35M. Granted, this is between 4th & 5th Avenues in south Slope, but still! Nowadays, further up the street, they want $1.399M - $1.445M for a 14' wide, vinyl-siding 1-Family.

429 11th Street appears to have been picked up this February 2011 for $475K in an estate sale and they put the quick, fancy flip-a-roo on it by this November:

Appears to be an open listing that everyone from Brooklyn Properties to Aguayo & Huebener have had a crack at, with prices varying too. Some small, clean spaces with modern renovation & a cemented-in backyard, but where's the awesome master bedroom for $933/sqft?

The reader who sent this in to us asks, "What are they smoking?" We hate to 2nd guess taste here, but why'd they keep the vinyl siding if they were going to do anything to the exterior? We'd actually rather be in 33 St. Marks even, for much less money or live right across from the Brooklyn Museum at 125 Eastern Parkway.

Or there's an even bigger & better place in Carroll Gardens we have in mind.

Pro's: shiny new renovation, backyard space, location

Con's: vinyl siding, "enter through the basement", 14' wide, 1,500 sqft, price

Ideally: gotta pass on this one, for so many reasons. So many better places to devote that kind of dough.

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  1. Nice catch by a friend on "Renovated" far larger than allowed by the zoning laws. Seems the only thing they haven't yet wiped off the books... see the disappearing fines for their other infractions. Let alone building it entirely during a stop work from day 1. No way they can spin this legally, but who's going to lawyer up and fight the rich and corrupt?