Monday, June 25, 2012

Sold in Crown Heights: 1077 Dean Street

You already know how tough the $700K condo game is in the best parts of Brooklyn, and you know that 4 places in Crown Heights have gone above ask in the past few weeks - none of them under $700K.  So anyone care to guess what a whole townhouse listed for $700K in Crown Heights just sold for?  This 20' x 48' 3-Family brownstone at 1077 Dean Street listed for $700K for a few months with the under-marketed, non-responsive jokers at Century 21.

Don't expect too much finished luxury inside at this pricepoint for a guardianship sale, but there is plenty of original detail.  They took their usual mediocre pics and called it a day:

Throw in the true backyard on this 100' lot and you're looking at a great buy on a great block in a neighborhood many will be priced out of by the time they've finally caught up to the curve:

Platinum Members getting in UNDER $700K over here don't know how good they really have it.  Don't despair, though, there's still a play on this same block under $800K.  It's simply not as good, however, as the last 5 in this neighb' that we've been recommending.

Pro's:  healthy size, 3-Family status, great pricepoint, original details, fully green backyard

Con's:  gone already, needs tidying-up

Ideally:  can't say we didn't warn ya