Thursday, June 28, 2012

In Contract in Crown Heights: 1379 Pacific Street

We've been telling you for weeks now, as it's become more apparent, good bones in Crown Heights under $700K is a good move.  And the market has concurred. But if it's not on the with shiny interior pics, it's simply invisible to some people.  Like when Marge & her new pal turned the headlights off in a car chase with Chief Wiggam and he thought it was a "ghost car":

On Platinum Member radar, 1379 Pacific Street was asking to be swooped up at $699K or ~$200/sqft.  Especially when the tricked-out 3-Family house next door, gushing with stylish upgrades, listed for $825K, was bum-rushed at their first open house, and had offers $100K over ask in a matter of days.  The writing was on the wall.  With a chance in 2012 to pick up the house 3 bricks away for around the same price that architect team picked theirs up for 6 years ago?  No wonder it didn't last long.

If you missed this house, or this house, or this house, or this house, or this house, or this house, or this house, or this house, or this house, or this house in Crown Heights, or any of the others we've covered - don't worry! There's plenty more great housing and plenty more great listings in Crown Heights. They're just not on NYTimes.

Pro's: 4-Family status, good bones, pricepoint, 2012 house at 2006 prices, neighbors next door demonstrated a great blueprint for maxing this house out

Con's: no interior pics, gone already, needs some updating

Ideally: if the NYTimes is your only source of real estate info, you'll be late to the game and perhaps even off by $1.5M

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