Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Closings of Note: "The Game is the Game"

A lot has changed, but some things stay the same.  As Avon says, "The game is the game."  Platinum Members got a sneak peak at 85 1st Place, a Carroll Gardens condo conversion on the parlor floor of an extra-big brownstone.  It listed for $899K and sold for $929K shortly after.  If you call yourself a "developer", you'll be happy to know there's still over $1M to be made on this same block on a similar turnkey conversion.

A nice 20' x 52' 2-Family on 3 stories in Windsor Terrace at 204 Windsor Place got their $1.1M with Corcoran last month.  Pretty good price to be right next to Prospect Park.  We're still partial to one of our favorite reno's on Windsor.  But this is a nice pick-up, especially when Corcoran's reporting that 25% of condo sales in Brooklyn are $1M+ (up from 15% previously).

If 204 didn't float your boat, perhaps you'd prefer the estate sale at 229 Windsor Place.  Closed in July for $1.143, vinyl-siding & all.

Speaking of vinyl-siding, this probably isn't what the Unicorn Hunters have in mind when they clamor for a Park Slope townhome under $1.5M.  359 7th Street is a 20' x 40' that listed for $1.25M and got its price last month.  In "estate condition" expecting a complete overhaul to potentially "start anew and build a 4,100 square foot new townhouse," the listing agents didn't even bother to post a single pic, just a floorplan:

Speaking of Park Slope, check this south Slope beauty at 488 13th Street.  Listed for $2.65M, dropped to $2.495M, and fetched $2.35M last month.

181 Ashland Place started close to $1.6M, dropped under $1.45M, and sold for $1.3M last month.  This 2-Family had a few nice details, but needed updates.  Not the best block or lot either.

Everyone's favorite disaster at 376 Franklin Avenue in Bed-Stuy sold back in May for $800K.  Then they flipped it last month for $1.38M.  Anyone see that coming?  And you thought 271 Jefferson ruined the comps in Bed-Stuy!!

Remember how places in Clinton Hill wanted over a million around the crash but couldn't get it?  And now people are fighting tooth & nail to get those same deals 3-4 years later?  Maybe you don't remember, but Rodolfo Lucchese sure does.  He swooped up this expired listing at 54 Irving Place for $1.025M last month.  Clients of his asked us to find a townhouse for them, but we think he can do the job just fine.

108 Bergen Street in Boerum Hill didn't last a week on the market before they were already shoeing people away.  Some buyers kicked and screamed to get a chance to peak inside, only to find it was in way worse condition than they were expecting.  Welcome to one of Brooklyn's most expensive neighb's.  This 2-Family closed for a way-reasonable (in this market) $1.4M last month.

A little Brownstoner touting couldn't have hurt the sale of this Fort Greene 2-Family at 268 Clermont Avenue last month for its asking price of $1.95M.

Ditto for this Prospect Heights beauty at 314 Park Place for (...gulp!) $2.975M.  Sold last month for asking price, people.  If you're keeping score at home, that's 4-stories in Prospect Heights for $600K+ more than a 3-story barrel front in Park Slope at 488 13th Street.  Can we please put the "I want a finished home in Prospect Heights for $999K cash" talk to bed now?

While some people were still sleeping on Crown Heights, this 3-Family house at 1171 Dean Street that wanted $595K before the crash fetched $1.225M last month.

After bobbing around last year for almost $2.4M, Ideal Properties finally moved this 5-Family at 20 St. Marks Place in "Boerum Hill" for $1.8M last month.

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