Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Listings: 22 Weirfield Street

Our second post in the Listings section of the blog is also our first post that's entirely in Bushwick proper.  22 Weirfield Street may be vinyl-siding, but it's also a renovated 2-Family with a finished basement, a few original details & moldings, around the corner from the J train for the price of a condo.  With Bushwick as a neighborhood seeing the highest percentage rental increases in the past few months, with the average 1BR price pushing past $1,250/month, it's hard to deny the direction of the neighborhood.  Newbies to the city and young professional grads right out of college are finding it a sweet spot between Williamsburg and Bed-Stuy prices.  With a purchase price ripe for the picking, well under $500K, we can already hear some cheering the value and others booing the exterior:

We'd love a picture of the yard too, since that's one of the other major selling points about going townhome over condo in this price range.  But, regardless of your taste, an owner's duplex with a 2BR rental above makes financial sense over here for anyone with the funds to swing it.

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