Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Closings of Note: Bed-Stuy Beauty Surpasses Slope Fixer-Uppers

It's hard to even talk about the circumstances surrounding the sale of 1310 Pacific Street without foaming at the mouth.  Besides, we can't really blow up the spot here more than we already have.  The house sold for $699K last month.  Just a shame.  We were told the listing agent is friends with the seller.  With friends like that, who needs enemies?

233 Garfield Place, everyone's favorite pink house in Park Slope, lists for $2.395M in January and closes for $2.075M last month.  Work to be done, but still a great price for all those details over 4-stories just 1 block away from Cousin John's renovation of Jenna Lyons' $4M sale.

12 College Place in Brooklyn Heights lists between $4.85M and $5.95M in a scatterbrained flurry of ups & downs, sells for $4.85M in August.  Another notch in the belt for the end-user market in a neighborhood where the sky's the limit.  Still a steal compared to anything you could even sniff in the West Village.

48 Monroe Street, on the western edge of Bed-Stuy, lists for $899K and gets $880K last month.  Don't be surprised when Clinton Hill has nothing at these prices when Corcoran continues to set the tone in the 'Stuy for tiny 2-Family pricing.

Brownstoner said this house had enough going for it "to make this price viable despite the Bed Stuy location."  With a slick Brown Harris listing to boot, anyone surprised to see 41 Jefferson Avenue list for $1.299M and close last month for $1.349M?

If you don't want a four story renovated beauty on a top block in Bed-Stuy for just over $1.3M, then you might've liked a tiny 16'-wide 2-Family fixer-upper in South Slope for just a tad less.  287 11th Street listed for $1.275M with just a floorplan and one exterior pic, which didn't stop it from lasting barely a month on the market and closing last week for $1.225M.

Or perhaps you'd prefer a tiny 2-Family in North Slope that's just over 16'-wide on just 2-stories that listed for $1.175M.  Too bad 720 Sackett Street only lasted a month on the market and sold for $1.259M last month.

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