Friday, December 14, 2012

Crown Heights Open House: 521 Crown Street

With an open house this Sunday from 4:30 to 5:30pm, 521 Crown Street is another Crown Heights condo alternative that's worth a look with its asking price of $825K.  Elliot Nicks, who brought us 1148 Sterling Place in Crown Heights at an affordable pricepoint, is at it again!  The exterior of this house may say "Queens", but there's not a lot of places to find a 20' x 65' brick home on a 127' lot with original details.  Have you seen some of the south Crown Heights comps recently?  We see this as a great condo alternative play, just like this other Crown Heights gem.

Lots of upgrades to be done, some appear underway already, plus lots of nice details to play with if you choose to keep 'em...

No look at the backyard, if there is much of one, but - for all those who find this "too far east" - is that a garage too??

And where else are you getting rooms this large for under $850K?

Pro's:  pricepoint, floorplate, deep lot, garage, open house, original details

Con's:  you'll want to do at least upgrade the kitchen, "deep Crown Heights", not the picturesque brownstone you had in mind, quirky shape, what's up with the yard?

Ideally:  an open house this weekend makes it easy to check out if you think it's worth a look

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