Monday, December 24, 2012

Deals Deep in Crown Heights: 1721 President Street

1721 President Street is a 2-Family off the Utica stop in Crown Heights that recently went in contract with an asking price of $550K.  Even for a "fixer-upper" in "estate condition" east in Crown Heights on a street with perpendicular parking, this is a great pricepoint.  Especially if you're into the wood everything interior look...

Sure, the exterior fencing's a little funky, but the last time we saw this much original wood with a pool table to boot we were sold on one of the year's finest 1142 Dean Street.  This house is no 1142 Dean, but 1721 President Street is claiming "a recently renovated 2 bedroom floor-through with terrace."  So maybe you can move in and while you get the rest up to speed.  A terrace in the front, a deck on the back, and a modest 27' x 20' yard.  Like on 521 Crown Street, perhaps the garage is some consolation for those who'd consider this the outskirts.  All for less than many condos cost just 2 miles west.

Many buyers are quick to write-off Corcoran listings, assuming they're bound to be over-priced.  However, Corcoran brought 2 of the best recent investments in Crown Heights to market for a reasonable price.  And they sure seem to have done it again here.

Pro's:  pricepoint, original wood everything, yard, terrace, deck, garage

Con's:  work to be done, too far east for many, exterior says "Queens"

Ideally:  even Corcoran deals have plenty of value in them in the right neighborhoods

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  1. I just saw that this is back on the market for $725,000