Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Look at Harlem for $2M: 20 Hamilton Terrace

We're putting part II of our eastward migration tracking on hold for today, because the shock and awe from recent activity in Bed-Stuy approaching $2M has got us thinking.  One of Brooklyn's top brokers told us he'd rather spend $2M in Harlem than in Bed-Stuy.  So let's take a look at what $2M gets you in Harlem.  Conveniently, a colleague of ours has his place in Hamilton Heights recently listed for that very price.  What do you think?

20 Hamilton Terrace is about as decked out as you're going to find for a 16' x 52' limestone in one of the niftiest little pockets of Harlem.  Plus, you get a little backyard action and a deck...

Pro's:  decked-out interior, perfect for single-family use, nice deck & yard, great location as Harlem goes, updated heat & A/C

Con's:  16' wide, no rental income, are you ready for Harlem?

Ideally:  if you had $2M, where would you spend it?

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