Monday, April 29, 2013

Castle Closes in Crown Heights: 875 St. Marks Avenue

While many of you are still catching your breath about $1.7M-$1.8M pricing hitting Bed-Stuy not once, but twice in the past few weeks, Crown Heights still offers the best value in town.  The castle at 875 St. Marks Avenue sold for $1.4M 2 months ago - and, boy, you Park Slope unicorn hunters don't even know what you're missing!  This house is a castle, surrounded by a park, the Brooklyn Children's Museum, incredible housing stock, trains that actually go to the city (we're looking at you, the G train!), and - gulp! - a diverse collection of people that some buyers tell us they're not ready to live next to.  Well, get over yourself.  This is one of Brooklyn's best neighborhoods, whether you're ready to believe it or not, and it only stands to get better.  Can you believe it was pulling teeth to get a mansion to trade above $850K barely a year ago, not once, but twice?  Platinum Members are taking down a great look west of here at 660 St. Marks Avenue at pricing closer to that end of the spectrum.  But now there's a handful of places listed with big brokers closer to Nostrand that are not even nearly this sweet and will trade at or around the price of 875 St. Marks Avenue.  But feast your eyes on the best in breed sub-$1.5M pick-up within miles...

Are those Ionic or Corinthian columns?  Heck, who's counting?  If the square stained-glass windows weren't already enough, why not go all-out vaulted Cathedral style for good measure?

You get some killer light on that unattached side too:

Wood detail for days and huge proportions, standing at 20' x 50' on a 150'+ lot.

Finishing touches to be done for sure, but who cares?  Show us another house from 1899 that's this sweet and this price.  Call us next year when these are sailing over $1.5M with ease, but don't say we didn't warn ya...

Pro's:  curb appeal, location, size, original detail, unattached side, extra-extra-deep yard, price, best of breed 100+ years ago & still to this day

Con's:  gone already, work left to be done, can't sleep on Crown Heights anymore

Ideally:  thank goodness for the folks who built a whole valley of sweet homes all around here.  Underestimate this neighb' at your own peril.


  1. It's gone alright, they GUTTED it!

  2. Now being marketed as new condo development.