Friday, July 19, 2013

Closings of Note: Pushing $3M in the Top Neighb's

A handful of townhomes within a handful of blocks from Barclays are pushing towards that $3M number with ease.  105 Sterling Place cruises to $2.8M last month with an asking price just above $3M.  Merely a year ago you could feign surprises at these levels in north Slope, but no surprises here for a full-sized renovation this year.  Achieving this pricing is becoming almost effortless in the top neighborhoods.  Just ask...

105 St. Marks Avenue on the Prospect Heights side of Flatbush, which re-listed for $2.99M this year and sold for $3.1M.  This full-sized gem was "just waiting for you to come finish off what has already been a painstaking restoration. "  Emphasis on "pain".  And just think how many jokers didn't want this bad-boy for $2M only a year ago!

We tried to tolja' about the underground Park Slope gem at 777 Carroll Street, which closed a few months ago for $2.764M.

$2.3M for a nice place on a great block in Fort Greene sounded to good to be true.  Which is exactly why 129 Fort Greene Place just closed last month for $2.437M.

And who could forget 364 Carlton Avenue?  Another Fort Greene 2-Family effortlessly approaches the $3M mark and closes for $2.9M last month.  To a buyer from Brooklyn Heights no less!

Even a buyer from the West Village isn't too good to cop a Stuyvesant Heights home at 201 Macdonough Street for $940K.

A buyer from the West Village also took down this generic ~1,000 sqft Fort Greene condo at 115 Fort Greene Place for $973K - part of the reason full townhomes command well above $2M there now.

Speaking of $2M+, when you want that Cobble Hill carriage house that's all decked-out, get ready to drop full-ask of $2.75M for a listing not even on the market for 2 weeks.  That's 140 Kane Street for ya!

Over on the Bed-Stuy & Clinton Hill border, the 3-Family condo alternative new construction piece with garage at 360 Greene Avenue lists for $1.1M and closes for $985K.  This is more than even 684 Degraw Street could muster in the Slope not long ago.

Even the narrow fixer-upper at 441 Classon Avenue around the corner fetches $999K, and is now happy to ask for $1.4M on the flip.

496 Quincy Street was a 3-story asking $869K "deep" in Bed-Stuy.  Ready to drop $869K over here?  Try $995K to close the deal last month.  Corcoran got it done.

It took about a year to sort out, but the foreclosure at 33 Vanderbilt Avenue on the north end of Clinton Hill manages to close for $800K last month.

To get a decent house in Bed-Stuy for $700K these days, it may take all-cash.  210 Macon Street closed last month for that price.

Over in Lefferts Garden, a value 2-Family at 176 Lefferts Avenue "soars" above asking price of $789K and closes for $830K last month.  Hard to keep a secret in Lefferts anymore.

Which is why even 73 Lefferts Avenue was able to list for $799K and get $840K in less than 2 weeks on the market.

Brownstoner called it over-priced back in 2006, tooted their horn on its return to the market this year, and were right again as 200 Fenimore Street closed for asking price of $1.35M last month.

When you want to get in Carroll Gardens under $1.5M, don't expect to find much curb appeal, even when you're over by Gowanus.  463 Union Street fetches just under its asking price of $1.35M to close for $1.33M last month.  Sure makes 473 Union Street look like a steal!  Even Corcoran didn't want to bother with an exterior pic for 90 3rd Place, another unimpressive look at what $2M gets you on the outskirts of the no-duh nice neighborhoods these days.

It didn't take long for Elliman to fetch the $2M that 579 Vanderbilt Avenue in Prospect Heights was asking.

And so many more closings we'll get to tomorrow...

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