Thursday, July 25, 2013

Projects: 138 Prospect Place, Pt. I

After Platinum Members had a chance at it a few months ago (but passed), we were happy to hear from the recent buyers of 138 Prospect Place in Prospect Heights.  They shared some relatively stunning interior photos, and said we could chat about the renovation they're up to on this 4-story former SRO that's ready to be tricked-out for a more modern use of the house.

This is all pre-demolition, y'all!  House sure cleans up nice in pictures, but there's lots of work to be done to thoroughly restore this badboy.

Here's two floors of the preliminary architectural drawings that were done by the developer who sold the property, paving the way for the SRO conversion.  Calls for neat additions like a deck on the backyard...

Curious to hear the owners' take on it soon...

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