Sunday, September 15, 2013

Closings of Note: It's a Seller's Market, Pt. II

The $2.5M+ town home is alive & well in Park Slope.  36 Sterling Place lists for $2.6M and closes for $2.7M last month.

Park Slope's 131 Lincoln Place was even more amazing, listing for $3.45M and closing for $3.35M.

On Platinum Member radar just before it came out, Park Slope's 198 St. Johns Place closes for $2.95M.

"Way down Henry Street" in Carroll Gardens is what they said about it in 2009 when no one wanted it for $1.6M.  Nowadays it isn't nearly as hard to move a nice house like 562 Henry Street.  Listed for $3.6M at the end of last year, had a price drop after re-listing, and sold for $3.4M last month to buyers from Manhattan.

Even a stunner in Clinton Hill like 116 St. James Place lists for $2.4M and sells for $2.45M.  The neighbors are already buzzing about the number.

On Platinum Member radar when it was listed for $1.2M undermarket, and when the high offer came in, 318 Maple Street is a beauty in Lefferts Garden full of original detail that closed for $980K.  Now the $2,200/month rentals are ready to go.

Also in Lefferts, 78 Fenimore Street closes for $859K.  Buyers showed it to us afterwards and said it'll be vacant and ready to flip for ~$1.2M or higher any day now.

Yet another $1,000+/sqft condo sells in 1 Hanson Place?  Just another day in the life.  Unit 15H fetches $1.52M last month.

Not to be outdone, Newswalk chimes in with a condo for $1.65M.  535 Dean Street, #303 closed in July.

77 Warren Street across the BQE from Cobble Hill proper, didn't stop this 25' wide house from asking $2.495M and closing for $2.13M last month.

The 15' wide Boerum Hill town house at 494 State Street listed for $2.295M in great shape and closed last month for $2.185M.  Duplex rentals now up for grabs for almost $6,000/month.

255 13th Street in South Slope came out asking $2.599M with a drive-way and closed for a miraculous $2.5M last month.

797 St. Johns Place is a small Crown Heights 3-Family that couldn't get $500K in 2010, but then it hit the market twice this year for $695K and got it last month.

Even rough & ready upgrades to 830 St. Johns Place fetched them $740K last month.

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