Friday, September 6, 2013

Back on the Market in the 'Burg: 199 Devoe Street

Back on the market in Williamsburg, it's 2-Family fixer-upper at 199 Devoe Street.  With an open house this Sunday, it's easy to go see if the work needed is within reason for your budget.  The asking price of $1.15M is within condo alternative range.  The vinyl-siding is pretty much what we've come to expect for this area, and why we rarely go to the 'Burg for houses, but the seller told us it'd be $10K to slap a brick facade on here.  The inside?  Well a few quick & dirty shots is all we get...

You know we'd rather be deep in Crown Heights, Bed-Stuy, or Lefferts for this same price, but that's just us.  We're sure there's a Billy-Burger for whom 20' wide on 3 stories, even with almost no yard, even in fixer-upper condition, is a better look than a condo for ~$1M.  As the owner told us, "Small yard but sick views from the roof."  It wouldn't be the first time that was a compromise that worked for the right buyer.

Pro's:  anything off the L gets many people goin', open house is easy to check out, duplex with rental income, a few details worth keeping

Con's:  work to be done, almost no yard, vinyl-siding

Ideally:  even the raw ppsf heads could make a case for this one

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