Thursday, November 21, 2013

Listings: Bed-Stuy 1BR Rental - 622 Jefferson Avenue

New to the Listings section of the blog, it's our main-man Morgan "Million Dollar" Munsey with a garden apartment rental at 622 Jefferson Avenue on the Stuyvesant Heights side of Bed-Stuy.  You may remember Morgan from his record-breaking Stuyvesant Heights deal on the same block at 593 Jefferson Avenue a few months ago for $1.8M.  But when Morgan isn't breaking million-dollar records, or giving historic walking tours, in his spare time he moonlights as architect on houses.  Morgan told us he was the architect on this renovation, which kept & compliments lots of the wood detail intact.  The house was built in 1890 by John E. Dwyer, according to their site, and it looks like it's stayed in good hands with Morgan.  The griping about the $2,200/month price is to be expected, but you'd be commanding top dollar too if your kitchen was this sweet.  People are swooping up Platinum Member rentals for the new kitchens alone.  And the rest of the apartment keeps the quality look alive...

All in a cute 3-story brownstone...

On a block where a nice town home listed for $1.425M and fetches 3 offers, none lower than $1.6M cash, what did you expect nice apartments to rent for??  For this much money, we'd love a pic of the yard, even if "beautiful views to the garden" are all this unit gets, and not genuine garden access.  However, with a rear door right there at the kitchen, we figure garden access comes with the place.  Throw in the walk-in closet and the circle's complete.  It's a slow month for rentals, but we can't be mad at their number.  We've seen couples with fancy jobs in midtown take floor-throughs without all these details for $1,750-$1,850 around the corner from here.  With features this nice, these owners have every right to expect a premium.  So, as they say, "it is what it is."

Pro's:  well renovated & restored floor-through apartment, everybody loves some good penny-tile in the bath, separate entrance for this unit, garden views and (presumably) garden access

Con's:  would love to see the garden, isn't exactly cheap, more in the 2BR range for most renters, no man's land transportation-wise in most people's book

Ideally:  for the true-blue lover of backyards and Stuy Heights, this looks like a well-designed slice

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