Friday, August 16, 2013

Stuy Heights Record Breaker Just Closed: 593 Jefferson Avenue

Boy, what a difference a year makes.  In the time it took us to finally do a piece on one of our favorite Bed-Stuy experts, Morgan "Million Dollar" Munsey... a million barely even makes a dent over there now.  Just last year Morgan was lobbing up local gems in West Bed-Stuy for Platinum Members, like 153 Hancock Street for under a million.  Now, "deep" in Stuy Heights he closes a previous record breaker at 242 Decatur Street for $1.7M with Platinum Members.  Now he's broken his own record, closing 593 Jefferson Avenue for just over $1.8M!!  Any day now, he'll be Morgan "2 Million Dollar" Munsey!  With houses like these, we don't doubt it...

On Platinum Member radar before it came out, this house wouldn't be undersold.  When a house this gorgeous in Bed-Stuy lists for $1.425M, the lowest offer is $1.6M cash, and buyers from the city take it down for $1.8M... well, this ain't your grandad's Bed-Stuy - or even last year's Bed-Stuy - anymore!  If you were still sleeping on Bed-Stuy, maybe this is the wake-up call.  Luckily, the market inefficiencies still run rampant in this town, and Morgan has his finger on the pulse of all kinds of on and off-market activity.  Morgan's number is a must-have for anyone serious about vetting all the product in these neighborhoods to make the best move possible.  He's even bringing us a secret gem in Park Slope tomorrow! 

Pro's:  curb appeal, killer original details, still beats almost any house in Manhattan or the Slope

Con's:  not undercover or anything, soared over asking price, not the Bed-Stuy pricing of old

Ideally:  with houses like this soaring over $1.8M in Lefferts too, can't knock the hustle! 


  1. CONGRATS Morgan, Buyer and Seller. Beautiful Home