Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Duplex Clinton Hill Condo at Bed-Stuy prices: 355A Grand Avenue

If you want an upper duplex Clinton Hill condo at Bed-Stuy prices, with private roof access and parking, look no further than 355A Grand Avenue.  On Platinum Member radar for a few months, this new construction condo is 1,200/sqft of 2BR/1.5 bath goodness on a quaint block in lots of people's next-favorite neighborhood behind Fort Greene.  We sublet one of these garden duplexes in 2008 during the crash and fell in love with the neighborhood.  It's not everyday that you can cop two floors of a place a block away from Mr. Brownstoner himself for less than $850K.  With an open house and an asking price of $815K, we think this is a great look for dozens of buyers out there, especially those eager to dodge the Corcoran bidding wars.  The interior isn't exceptionally shiny & new, but it doesn't have the problems of 100 year old houses, and affordable cosmetic upgrades are fun to do.

People paying this price or higher in even newer condos on only one floor still spent time and money updating their 2008 new construction.  So of course early 1990's construction could use some touch up.  But the place is totally pleasant and live-able as-is too.  And who else is giving you central air, a gated parking spot, laundry in the unit, and common charges under $325K/month?  We were in a pre-market house across the street yesterday that's worth $2M+ even if it's only 15' wide, and neighbors are fetching over $3M when they play it right.  So this is a great pricepoint to jump into this block at. 

With an open house this Sunday from 1pm - 2:30pm, it's easy to see for yourself.

Pro's:  pricepoint, duplex layout, newish construction, gated parking space, laundry in unit, roof access, totally live-able, pretty prime Clinton Hill at Bed-Stuy price per square foot prices

Con's:  not the most amazing curb appeal, could use upgrades to optimize, you probably missed the land round of these in the $700K's

Ideally:  a great deal for buyer and seller can't be far away

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