Saturday, June 28, 2014

Off-Market Platinum Member Closing Yesterday: 446A Classon Avenue

Yesterday, Platinum Members closed on an off-market 2-Family house on the Clinton Hill / Bed-Stuy border across the street from where similar homes have gone over $2M.  With renovated 15'-16' wide 2-Families as far as Bed-Stuy selling for over $2.2M cash, getting one of these under $2M is actually a good look in this market.  Owner's triplex over garden rental?  Yes, please!

Don't forget the backyard...

We toured another house pre-market just like this in Clinton Hill this week that's sure to fetch this price or higher.

Pro's:  curb appeal, stylish & turnkey renovation, triplex over garden rental, interior staircase makes the most of the 15' width, great off-market buy, no bidding war or big commissions to big brokers

Con's:  narrow, gone already, not available on the open market, not everyone's ready for Classon

Ideally:  another quintessential 2-Family on the Clinton Hill side for a relative value

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