Thursday, September 4, 2014

Clinton Hill Gem Coming to Market: 210 St. James Place

When got the call to estimate this historic gem on one of our favorite blocks in Clinton Hill, we had to go see what it's all about.  On a block with Romanesque Revival and Beaux-Arts, brick & limestone & frame houses, and such huge all-time faves as 234 St. James Place, that many of you might know most notably as Notorious B.I.G.'s former block.  This stunning 17' wide brick building at 210 St. James Place is a one-family with original details for days...

From original wood parquet floors, to doors & door hardware, marble & wood mantles, built-in cabinets, stained-glass windows, marble sinks, wainscoting... almost all of it in incredible condition.

They simply don't make 'em like they used to.  The details from 1890 in this house just don't stop...

Formal dining room?  Check!

Nice backyard, even with the extension?  Check!

Original intercom horns on different floors with original porcelain rims?  Check!

Updates to kitchen and bath?  Check!

Some parts of the house aren't quite ready for their close-up.  Many mechanicals have been updated including a new roof, water heater, forced-air heating system on gas.  Others patches will be left for the new owner to customize.  Currently set-up as a 1-Family with a C of O for a 2-Family the flexibility is there to use it either way, but we see the big ballers keeping these as single-families these days.  Certainly, this house will be up against $3M Clinton Hill contenders like 102 Gates Avenue and a nearby Grand Avenue renovation.  What 210 St. James Place lacks for some buyers with its 17' width and 1-Family configuration, it more than makes up for in its uniquely special details, curb appeal, extension, yard, and block.  We waxed poetic with the owner about pricing for a while, but it's always the market that tells the story.  Where do you think it lands?

Pro's:  curb appeal, location, totally intact details galore, special house, rear extension, new mechanicals, some upgrades, "fun stuff" left to be done

Con's:  won't go cheaply, still a "fixer-upper" in some sense, not 20' wide, rental income isn't as easy with single-family configuration

Ideally:  why are these houses fawned over like rare FabergĂ© eggs?  'Cause they were built from 1885 to 1917 and they ain't making 'em any more - just like FabergĂ© eggs!

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