Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Most Affordable 2BR Apartment in Prospect Heights: 649 Vanderbilt Avenue, #2B

Who says Corcoran doesn't have good deals?  (Simpletons who don't know the nuances of the real estate game, that's who!)  Feast your eyes on Prospect Heights' most affordable 2BR apartment at 649 Vanderbilt Avenue, #2B asking $565K.

We've been telling jokers for years how hard it is to find a decent 2BR for even $700K in the preferred areas of Brooklyn.  Then along comes this totally legit 2BR apartment, around the corner from Prospect Park, on Prospect Heights' favorite commercial strip, for under $600K?  Platinum Members paid basically this price for a 1BR in Prospect/Crown Heights last year!  649 Vanderbilt Avenue, #2B is a cute, little place that does the trick.  A second floor walk-up with two bedrooms in the front facing out on Vanderbilt, a living room, and updated Ikea-style kitchen and bath.  You'll be hard-pressed to find a better bang for your buck in a location as love-able as this.

Decorative original fireplace, washer/dryer in the unit, low common charges on the co-op?  Park Slope, eat your heart out!  This is a slam dunk deal for dozens of buyers in this market.  Even if you think it's on the small side, or just a starter apartment, you CANNOT beat the price.  Yes, while the NYTimes proudly touts studio apartment rentals further east in Crown Heights for over $2,300/month, you could purchase this 2BR apartment with less than $100K down and have a mortgage lower than $2,300.  But they don't hear us, though.

Pro's:  best of breed price & features for 2BR apartments in the area, original details, cute upgrades, washer/dryer in unit, low monthly fees, open house this weekend

Con's:  on the small side, won't go quietly, people will ask "So, it's a co-op and not a condo?", brace yourselves for calls of "best & final"

Ideally:  a no-brainer for dozens of buyers.  We're taking any and all bets that this goes over asking price


  1. In contract well over asking price...

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