Friday, August 27, 2010

How'd We Miss This One?: 49 Douglass Street

You mean to tell me there's a 25' wide, handsome brick building in Boerum Hill for $1.45M (right around the FHA loan limit for 4-Family properties) that's not a complete gut renovation?? How'd we miss this one? Oh, wait, I know... there's no way to search for these properties comprehensively. That's why we started this site in the first place. Well, the listing for 49 Douglass Street says "Contract Signed" already, and our hats-off to whoever's name is on that contract!

We're anxiously awaiting to see how much this closes for!

Pro's: location, 25' wide, condition, backyard, original details

Con's: we didn't get it first!

Ideally: Call up this agent and double-check that they're contract price isn't closer to the list price than you'd be willing to go. "Back up offers" in this economy can come in handy. Financing's tricky out there. Take advantage!! (Although we're pretty sure this one's in the bag...)

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  1. According to Zillow, this place closed on 10/14/2010 for $1.5M