Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"Renovated" Four Family: 175 Sackett Street

175 Sackett Street
is a 4-family on the BQE edge of Carroll Gardens. We like the rental income potential of renovated 4-family places, especially when three of the units are 2BR's. We also like this neighborhood, although this location may be a little bit off the beaten path. Especially when you compare it to other 4-family's out there like 33 St. Marks.

Maybe it's not the prettiest block, maybe the discontinuation of the brick on the ground floor throws off the curb appeal, but it's worth a look inside...

Pro's: location, 2BR rentals, renovated, "exposed brick", garden area

Con's: location, curb appeal, may not be the most bang for the buck in its genre

Ideally: Stack it up to other 4-family's around, check the rentals, and maybe there's a play to be made closer to the $1.4M FHA loan limit

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  1. According to the listing, this place is now in contract.