Monday, February 21, 2011

Back At It in Carroll Gardens: 432 Clinton Street

Back from a 2 week hiatus, still frazzled from the 96 St. Marks debacle, we're at it again in Carroll Gardens. 432 Clinton Street is a legit listing by legit agents who know the area and pegged their listing at a legit price. This 4-story 3-Family is going to be a good buy for someone with some funds for a little renovation. We're sure some fancy-pants pictures are to come of at least the renovated rental unit. The rest needs to be updated, but with janky places like 511 Clinton Street fetching $1.17M and there not being too much product in this area, total shells have gone for this price.

Just 2 avenues over from the F/G trains at Carroll Street, in the heart of nice stretches of Smith and Court streets, and with that Brooklyn Heights-esque feel that even lower Clinton Street has - there are lots of reasons to pay the premium over here. One Manhattan agent recently tried to convince us that Columbia Street by the water is "the heart of Brooklyn Heights", but those who really know Brooklyn know what we mean by the Brooklyn Heights feel of these blocks on Clinton and Henry Street. One of the only drawbacks is the 16.5' x 40' floorplate only giving 660 sqft per floor, but overall this could be just the blank slate opportunity the listing claims.

Pro's: curb appeal, neighborhood feel, renovated garden rental, close to trains and amenities

Con's: needs potentially-hefty renovation, and little narrow and not that deep, floorplate can only fit 1BR rentals

Ideally: take a look and see if the renovation fits your budget. Compare to a slightly larger, way-pricier neighbor like 496 Henry Street.


  1. Open House scheduled for Sunday, March 13th...

  2. Sold well above asking price of $1.45M at $1.731M on 6/30/2011:{scid=hdp-site-map-bubble-address}