Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Half Baked Housing in the Slope: 706 Degraw Street

Yay! Finally an actual 3-Family to sink our teeth into. 706 Degraw Street is a large brick 3-Family near the train and the heart of Park Slope. At a healthy 20' x 45', Property Shark gives it 2,565 sqft, while the listing gives it over 4,000 sqft. We've gotta assume they're including this semi-finished basement to get to that number. Very funky interior design sense has left quirky details that could be pro's or con's depending on the taste of the buyers (you can't fool all the people all the time):

(backyard baby not included)

The layout is worth looking at too. As much as we love interior staircases, we're a little confused as to how the 2nd floor looks to be split into one bedroom from the owner's duplex and a not-floor-through 1BR rental. There's lots to offer here in some ways, but the house feels kind of half-baked to us. There are more finished products with better style (or at least more universal style) that one could snatch for the same $1.675M price tag. In fact the same brokerage got one of our favorites 584 10th Street under contract recently, listed for the identical price.

Pro's: location, curb appeal, 2 rentals, interior staircase, turnkey condition, backyard

Con's: not the best taste on the inside, pricey, feels half-baked to spend the Park Slope premium on

Ideally: this is a meaty chunk of house, so if the interior or layout isn't a deal breaker for you, make an aggressive bid


  1. Even after visiting the house it was confusing to understand the second floor split. Basically, the owners kept one real bedroom (they turned what looks like a walk-in closet into a second kids room), put up a wall and made the rest of the floor a studio apartment. The inside staircase is off of their bedroom. It's an odd layout, ultimately. The room on the ground floor at the front of the house is another child's room/office. Apparently they have offers already, and it is a lot of house, but it was very hard for us to visualize how we would use the oddly configured space.