Wednesday, April 27, 2011

South Slope Open House: 577 6th Avenue

A well-renovated 2-Family in South Slope for $1.245M?? The Property Shark exterior picture of 577 6th Avenue won't entice you, but the interior will...

It's a wonder what a few nifty details and even an Ikea kitchen can do:

Corcoran doesn't even bother with an updated picture of the exterior. They know the power of squeeky-clean pictures and accentuating the positives. Everything in the house is shiny & new. They'll get a bunch of activity and give the house the best chance of getting the top bid possible. Much like 536 Court Street, a nice renovation off the beaten path deserves nice pictures and can find its buyer. Throw in an open house and you get things rolling right away. 577 6th Avenue is worth checking out this Sunday 2-4pm for anyone in the Park Slope market looking for a turnkey value not too far away from what people love about the Slope. Especially if you want a little deck, a little terrace, and a little yard. The triple threat! The feel over here on this block might not be as residential, but see if this house stacks up favorably to 279 13th Street. Way more bang for the buck than some of the other shiney 2-Fam's in the $1.4-$1.6M+ range, like 209 8th Street or 354 5th Street.

Another quality over quantity play, and at a price relatively within reach. You'd think it would inspire a stale, over-priced listing on a KILLER block like 308 Clermont, to roll-up their sleeves & take a nice picture or two. Throw an open house, give yourself a chance. Until then, at least there are a few professionals out there.

Pro's: squeeky-clean renovation with nifty details, fairly priced, proximity to park, trains, and Slope

Con's: not the most neighborhood feel to the block, not the biggest house, someone's bound to overbid ya

Ideally: We'd snatch this up for $1.1M in a heartbeat, but someone might pay as much as $1.3M. It's also encouraging to see how nice a manageable renovation can come out.

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  1. wait until you see the updated exterior, which has been charmingly redone.