Monday, April 18, 2011

Less Than You'd Expect: 292 1st Street

We don't really specialize in homes as pricey as $1.895M. Then again, this same broker Century 21 also listed 96 St. Marks for $1.9M last summer and it closed for $1M even. So you can't really set their list prices as your benchmark. 292 1st Street is a 20' x 40' 2-Family brownstone in Park Slope with some neat-o blue cornice molding up top on the exterior. Of course the location will lure the Slope-o-philes with its proximity to trains, the Park Slope Food Co-op, Union Hall, etc. But does the price match the interior?

The pictures kind of speak for themselves. Some serious updating is in order to keep up with the pricing. The only thing we could say is that at least this place isn't thin and it's in a better location than some of the other over-priced 2-Family's out there. Around these very blocks, though, way better things can be picked up for these prices or less like 290 8th Street or 596 Carroll Street. Which kind of tips Century 21's hand here, if you ask us, showing that they're unapologetically overpricing and just hoping to lure that buyer.

Pro's: location, curb appeal, a bit of a yard

Con's: price, interior condition, not a lot of BR's

Ideally: with tons of equity and work to be done, $1.4M starts sounding interesting.


  1. Now listed here:

  2. Now listed here for $1.6M: