Sunday, January 29, 2012

Real Men Wear Pink: 233 Garfield Place

Have you been down Garfield Place recently? We have. So has Anne Hathaway and tons of other high net worth bidders on places like Cousin John's renovation of Jenna Lyons' place. So don't think the $2.395M list price or unbearably-pink exterior are keeping anyone away from 233 Garfield Place. Heck, even Puffy's man enough to pull off pink:

Or just get your power-blaster ready to expose the nice brownstone, and leave your wimpy offers at the door. Once the ballers waiting to pounce on a prime Park Slope block see the interior of this listing that just came out yesterday, it's a wrap. The 32 people that missed out on 596 3rd Street will certainly sink their teeth into this...

Why the Buddha landed in front of the fireplace, we can't really tell. But you know he's really big among these types. You can even find him lotus positioning his way around another similar property just a few blocks over. From the floors, to the mantles, to the pocket doors - this has all details that make folks weak in the knees. Heck, even the "complete staircase with original fret work" sounds like something ordinarily reserved for classic guitars. Take up the green astroturfy carpet to expose even more original floor:

The rental income on this 3-Family "pinkstone" is below market, and really a lot like the pink exterior, if you think about it - just getting in the way of the baller who will make this house their home. But those of you with the bank accounts of mere mortals, don't fret! There are still original wood details just this good 3 miles east for less than half this price. This one's gone already, as is this one, but contact us for others. We've been screaming that for months; you don't have to wait for the beloved NY Times to tell you.

Pro's: great block, great interior, price isn't even that bananas (comparatively), original everything, PS 321

Con's: gotta blast that pink off, gonna take this price or more to get it done, probably won't last

Ideally: the good news is, it just so happens that these aren't the only 2 square miles in town where people built awesome "Romanesque Revival, neo-classical, neo-Italian Renaissance and Queen Anne buildings" just over 100 years ago. Go figure!


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  2. Puffy is gay, I mean look at this picture