Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Relative Value in Brooklyn Heights: 16 Hunts Lane

If you're gonna drop just under a million for a tiny place all to yourself in a great neighborhood, make sure you're getting the best. 16 Hunts Lane is an adorable converted carriage house on one of the niftiest little alleys in Brooklyn Heights. We almost never cover Brooklyn Heights, but after seeing the quirky likes of the also-tiny 400 Bond Street go into contract on the edge of Carroll Gardens around its $999K, the tiny 643 Degraw on the edge of Park Slope trickle down to $935K, and the sale of Brooklyn Heights' most expensive townhouse ever for $11M - 16 Hunts Lane starts to look like an adorable condo alternative and a great entry to the neighborhood.

We ain't mad 'em for their tiny kitchen that doesn't even look as good as the kitchenette at the Mondrian hotel...

And not mad at them for the 99 cent store run for a 2nd light bulb they could've made (or even a run downstairs to unscrew one of the non-recessed light bulbs) they neglected to make before taking a picture bathroom...

Sure, we'd much rather spend this money on an entire mansion, like this one the agent tells us is back out on the market. But as tiny things in nice places go, even at a paltry 700 sqft, this is going to knock somebody's socks off. Why bother with the projects across from 291 Hoyt, when you can settle into this quaint little lane?

Pro's: curb appeal, adorable little lane, in Brooklyn Heights proper, great condo alternative, no absurd condo or co-op fees to fuss over

Con's: small, B+ interior, you could get a mansion a few miles east instead

Ideally: with an $11M neighbor, and $2M+ places flying off the shelves in Park Slope above asking price for all cash within the first month of listing... this is a compelling little play.

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