Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Great Buy In Contract Yesterday: 27 7th Avenue

If you wanted a serious castle on front street in Park Slope right next to the train, with unique curb appeal & sick original wood details throughout, then 27 7th Avenue is your guy.

It looked pretty attractive to us even at its $1.995M asking price when it hit the market in the spring/summer of 2011. By the time it fell to $1.8M in September, we put the bat signal out for Platinum Members that this thing was the best $1.8M in a cloud of disappointing listings in that price range. Then we couldn't believe when it was dropped to $1.65M a few weeks ago. One reader told us the estate condition, lack of a backyard, and school district were the deal breakers for him. Those are all valid points. But to see this place slip to the price that 270 Sterling Place went into contract for was still a shocker to us, and it was only a matter of time before someone swooped it up. The interior is very comparable to 270 Sterling, in fact:

We can only imagine that reader "romanov" who commented on 270 Sterling, also hopes they keep the triplex in this place. Those are decisions we try not to 2nd-guess ourselves. Even if it needs all new kitchen & bathrooms, what's the next-best buy within 10 blocks and $250K of this one? It ain't 292 1st Street. It ain't 725 President Street. "Bravo" to whoever lands 27 7th Avenue.

Pro's: curb appeal, so little inventory like this, price, unique original details, close to the trains & everything

Con's: busy 7th Avenue, little to no yard, bus stop across the street

Ideally: this is just a great buy to us, everyday of the week. Especially with how hot the Park Slope market has gotten, and compared to the 270 Sterling sale.


  1. I know it's late, but I'll comment. This place cannot compare to the Sterling Place house. Sterling place, in addition to being beautiful, although a bit beaten up, has so much more space than this place. The rooms in this house are tiny, the floor in one of the rooms on the upper floor is not level , I cannot remember all the details, but, this house was just not as impressive as Sterling place. Sterling place has the potential to be grand again, this place, not so much.