Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Real $2.5M+: 177 Carroll Street

After taking a look at a listing yesterday that wants a price that's just plain uncalled-for, it's nice to see a place with a price that actually is. 177 Carroll Street is a totally turnkey 2-Family that just came out for $2.65M. This is a lot of money, people, don't get us wrong. But at least they give us 7 great interior pictures, a detailed lay out, and a convenient open house this weekend... which is way more than we can say for this BoCoCa neighbor who isn't even giving a decent effort at fetching its $2.5M list price.

It's not that hard, brokers. For the $100K+ commission coming your way for a listing this pricey, it's worth tidying up, slapping some new paint on the wall, and throwing the trendy lighting fixture up there yourself. These owners picked it up for $1.25M in 2003, and certainly did a good job:

Please tell some of these other jokers with sub-par $2.5M+ listings to step their game up.

Pro's: location, curb appeal, great renovation, professional listing

Con's: 17.5 wide, shallow yard (if any), tons of options at this price

Ideally: hem & haw about the design details if you will, but at least this listing gives it the ol' college try.

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