Monday, February 13, 2012

$2M+, It's Not Just in Park Slope Anymore: 91 Cambridge Place

Don't tell our $1.5M buyers in Park Slope, but the $2M's are coming to Clinton Hill. 91 Cambridge Place is fresh out with a stunning renovation, a professionally landscaped garden, a bunch of great pictures, no lay-out, an open house, and a $2.05M price tag. When 103 Greene Avenue fetched over $2M, and 338 Clinton Avenue went in contract at its asking price of $2M sans photos or real description... the writing was on the wall. Now we can only look back at purchases like 107 Cambridge and 121 Cambridge, because 91 Cambridge has joined the likes of 110 Gates Avenue around $2M.

Even value shoppers over here have been miffed by the pricing on fixer-uppers like 101 Gates. But this is where the money's heading since $2M gets you so little in the way of a finished product in the best neighborhoods. It's startling, we agree. But at least you get something nice over here:

Nice. Nothing a few hundred thousand and some good style sense couldn't do to 101 Gates, but don't take our word for it, ask Cousin John.

Great exposures in the attic space too:

Pro's: stylish finished product, 20' wide, nice block, close to the C train

Con's: we'd love a lay-out, that's a lot of money, probably won't trickle below $1.75M as it might've 6 months ago

Ideally: don't sleep on Clinton Hill anymore.


  1. in contract, reportedly "well over $2M"