Monday, February 27, 2012

Like We Were Saying: 416 Park Place

Like we were saying, $1.5M is the pay-to-play price in Prospect Heights, and it sure gets you way more than some of that relative junk in Park Slope at this price point. 416 Park Place has gotten lots of attention from readers because of its $1.55M list price, condition, curb appeal, and location. While some aren't ready for Prospect Heights, others wasted no time jumping on similar places like 419 Sterling Place, and we don't imagine this one will last much longer either.

Even if you feel like this interior is dated, or isn't your taste, what's the next-best turnkey place with a bay window over the back yard just off the 2/3 train?

You'd have to go to Windsor Terrace or 4th Avenue for something this nice within striking distance of the Slope in this price range. And if you're not scared of going a little east of here, the value only goes up. If this is under anyone's radar, it's kind of silly to us. Even just watching the NBA All-Star game last night and hearing trade rumors about Dwight Howard coming to the "Brooklyn Nets" - just hearing the phrase come out of Marv Albert's legendary mouth, it dawned on us. For the longest we've been underestimating the influence of the stadium, because we figure, "What's another 20,000 people every other night in Brooklyn, right?" - but we realized it's deeper than that. Everyone knows the "New York Giants" practice, play, and (mostly) live in New Jersey, but when it comes to calling a franchise the "Brooklyn Nets", it becomes something as iconic and love-able as our grandparents' "Brooklyn Dodgers". And when tourists can get there on the same Metrocard they take from Soho shopping excursions back to their mid-town hotel, and a specifically "Brooklyn" team is talked about regularly on the national stage, Brooklyn will have more of a presence on the national and global tongue, ear, and consciousness.

Brooklyn as a concept, as a brand, will be bigger than just hipsters and rappers and brownstones (but especially Brownstones!). Atlantic Yards will feel like "downtown" Brooklyn, and Crown Heights will feel no edgier than Prospect Heights is now. And a year from now people will be kicking themselves for not picking up these $1.5M places in Prospect Heights while they still lasted. And the same unicorn hunters begging us to find them $1.5M places in Park Slope that no longer exist will be wondering what happened to all the $1.5M places in Prospect Heights. It doesn't take a crystal ball to see. And don't say we didn't warn ya.

Pro's: turnkey, price point, there aren't many of these left, head and shoulders above what this gets you in beloved Park Slope

Con's: only if you actually still think Prospect Heights in "pioneering"

Ideally: buy now, thank us later