Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Great Fixer-Upper on a Great Block: 1184 Dean Street

Just down the block from a renovated flip with an open house last weekend, comes another large 2-Family in Crown Heights, 1184 Dean Street. There are some monsters on this block. This 20' x 50' barrel front building on a 114' lot is now a legal 2-Family, not a "Single Family Detached" as the dinky listing claims. The pictures show some potentially original wood and some dated clutter:

We would've tidied up a bit before snapping these pics, but at least they're not asking $2M+ like the cluttered, over-priced 486 Warren Street. It looks like this would've been a flip just like the one down the street, but something happened along the ways. Can't tell what that was, but it's worth a look, especially if there's price flexibility as the cost basis would imply.

Pro's: curb appeal?, size, huge yard, value, great block that's a sleeping giant

Con's: sub-par listing, lots of renovation to do, closest train being across Atlantic is kinda lame

Ideally: looks like a ton of value to us, with smaller places on worse blocks getting this price.

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  1. The bus stop right in front is a bummer - but young creative types are paying decent bucks to live in this area these days - if it could be had for under 700 and the reno didn't get out of control you should be left with a sizable cap.